Bison Bede Compact

Bison Bede Compact

Bison Bede Compact

The Bison Bede Compact’s slimline design meant it would fit on even the narrowest of straight stairs, folding up to less then 12 inches (300mm) when not in use allowing maximum access to the staircase for non-stairlift users. The Bison Bede Compact was designed to easily blend into your home and whould quickly become as much a part of your life as your favourite armchair.

The Bison Bede Compact had a choice of different seat heights, so it could be specifically matched to your personal requirements. There was also a choice of seatbelts to ensure safe travel on the stairlift.

The footrest was extremely close to the floor, and stopped level with the top step for easy access to the landing. Safety edges prevented trapping of objects whilst the stairlift was in motion.
Footrest stops level with the top step

For people who had difficulty in bending, the optional powered footrest raiser would effortlessly fold away to the stairlift when not in use.

The Bison Bede Compact was fitted with a Self Diagnostic Display on the carriage to provide you with service information on the status of the stairlift.

When it came to parking there was an optional Auto Parking facility which, at the press of a button, would automatically fold away any powered seats, footrest or hinges and park the stairlift on the rail.

Every element of the Bison Bede Compact was carefully designed with comfort in mind and to provide years of reliable use.

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