Stairlift Companies Leicester

We received a stairlift order from a couple in Peterborough this week. They were looking to rent a stairlift for mum who was recovering from a broken hip. They told me that they tried to find a stairlift company based in Peterborough by looking on Google but all it kept bringing up was stairlift companies Leicester. As we are stairlift company based in Leicestershire but also cover neighbouring counties they were over the moon to find out that we could help them. She said that the list of stairlift companies Leicester was a long one and that thankfully Stairlifts Leicester was always at the top which helped her to find us.

We fitted an almost new Acorn Slimline stairlift with a hinged rail yesterday for them which was only 3 days from their initial phone call to us. Needless to say they were able to get mum up and down the stairs again in no time.



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