Bison Bede Contour Programming

Interesting stairlift  job this week in Leicester programming a Bison Bede Contour Elite. This curved stairlift is now obsolete but they are still around. The lady had had a power cut which eventually resulted in the batteries running flat. As the Bison Bede Contour uses three batteries instead of the normal two it has to see an absolute voltage of at least 36v otherwise it doesn’t have the power to level the seat, which is usually the 1st thing to go wrong.

Sure enough when i got there the seat was out of level and after a quick check i found that the batteries were all below 5v. Annoyingly though another stairlift company had been there to look at it and changed the batteries but still couldn’t get it to work? They told her that they hadn’t got and couldn’t get a programmer so she would have to have a replacement curved stairlift fitted? What they failed to realise was that the Bison Bede Contour Elite often requires programming following a power cut as the logic board can loose part or all of the program.

I fetched the programmer from the van and after a few basic checks and leveling the seat i connected it up and began to re-program the lift. 15 minutes later it was all done and according to the customer it was running smoother than ever! It just goes to show that it pays to make sure you get a proper stairlift specialist who has the right tools and equipment.

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