Power Drive Liberator Repair

Since the Power Drive Liberator had ceased production, we have been inundated with inquiries regarding repairs and maintenance. As we used to install the curved stairlift for many mobility companies, we are used to all of the available options such as powered hinge, powered swivel and linked footrest.  We were top of the list of people to go to when the stairlift developed a problem or needed some tlc.

We recently visited a lady in Oldbury West Midlands who had a Power Drive Liberator curved stairlift with a powered swivel that didn’t swivel!  The lift was stuck at the top with the seat turned and wouldn’t move, so the lady couldn’t even walk up the stairs if she wanted to. We sent our stairlift engineer out to take a look who suspected a sticky micro switch on the seat swivel gear plate.  He found that the seat swivel latch underneath had sheared off? We had never seen this one before but we learnt a long time ago never say never.

A return visit was required with a replacement part. The seat was removed and the latching plate replaced.  Bingo, the lift was up and running again.

Happy days!

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